Salad in a jar


My only New Years resolution this year was to eat a salad every day in January. So far I have only missed a couple days, but on a couple days I had two salads. (Does that make up for it? Yes? I thought so too, whew!). On to my post. If you have been addicted to perusing Pinterest recently, you have probably seen salads in a jar. Whoever came up with this is genius. Brilliant even! I mean really, salad that does not get soggy, is beautifully presented, and it’s in a MASON JAR! Now, let me deviate for a moment. I love mason jars. Seriously. Love. Them. To me they are a piece of history (yes, even the new ones.) They are humble, multipurpose, durable and beautiful!! They bring a smile to my face and always a memory from my childhood, usually one that involved canning green beans with my great grandmother. Ok, back on subject here. If you are trying to eat a few more veggies, or are just looking for some new salads to try out, salad in a jar might be the way to do that. Just layer up a couple, stick em in the fridge and no muss, no fuss lunches are ready to go. (And pretty spill proof too.) Here is how I do it. Measure out your dressing (or just pour, it’s our secret) into the bottom of your quart mason jar. Next add some hearty veggies and/or fruit. Broccoli slaw, cauliflower, peppers, cukes, strawberries, artichokes, onion, corn etc and so on. Then, I like to add some nuts or seeds, sometimes black beans or chickpeas. Then, maybe some dried fruit. Next, add your protein, chicken, turkey, shrimp, bacon, boiled eggs or steak. Top it with some yummy cheese, my favorite is goat, feta or bleu cheese. Then, stuff that puppy full with your favorite greens. Don’t be shy pack it in there. Ta da! Done. Now, make two while you are at it and your ready for lunch. When the time comes to dine, shake it like a poloroid picture and dump onto a plate. Enjoy.

My favorite spinach salad: layer as follows.

Italian dressing
4 large strawberries, diced
2 oz glazed pecans
2 oz goat cheese
Spinach to fill up your jar

So yummy. This salad is reminiscent of a decidedly southern dessert, strawberry pretzel salad. If you have never had this then stop what you are doing and google it right now! Seriously, now. Ok. Found it? Good. Now make it and thank me later. Or just make this salad and have a nice healthy lunch.

What are some of your most surprisingly delicious salad add ins?

Crunchy mom out!



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