Smoothie Bags

Today I decided that I needed to inventory my freezer. (That’s a post for another day.) While I was in organizing mode, I took an unexpected detour. I was looking through my small freezer and unearthed about a dozen bags of fruit! In the past I have been a big green smoothie drinker and still enjoy them now. My kids like them as well. Recently, I have not been drinking them habitually, but I still grab fruit from the freezer section when it’s on sale. So, as you can imagine, I now have a freezer filled with fruit. To remedy that, I decided to make smoothie bags. Here it is!


A quick roundup of ingredients: 3 bags of blueberries, 1 partial bag of strawberries, 3 bags of pineapple, 2 bags of mango, 2 full bags of spinach and 2 partial bags, 1 bag of cherries, 1 bag of flaked coconut, 1 partial bag of blackberries, and 2 bags tropical fruit mix.

To get started, grab some quart size freezer bags and start filling. Fill them with a little of everything or mix them up for more variety. Top off each one with a handful of spinach and, presto you just made a starter pack for a delicious and healthy green smoothie.


Now repeat until you have used up all of your fruit, or until you have frostbite! Just kidding. I ended up with 27 quart bags. I did end up with one bag of blueberries that I did not use today, but I will use for homemade baby food. Stay tuned for that post later this week.


When you are ready to enjoy a smoothie, just take out your starter pack throw it in your blender and add liquid of your choice (milk, juice, water, kombucha, green tea, or milk substitutes) and blend away. There are many things you can add to your smoothies: protein powder, honey, yogurt, just to name a few. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Crunchymom out!

What are your favorite smoothie add ins?


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