My simple life in progress

Do you ever feel like a snowball? Seemingly innocent, rolling along, minding your own, and then you suddenly realize you are out of control and you can’t seem to stop. That’s what I feel like some days.

I tend to be obsessive with diet and exercise, even though you wouldn’t know it by looking at me. I am what you call fat fit! I am ever thinking about food, is this diet right? Maybe it’s that one? Intermittent fasting? No grains? Yes grains? Should I do more cardio? Less? Intervals? Classes? Weight training? Boot camp? The information is endless, contradictory, and very confusing. So what’s a girl to do? My solution? Give up! Now wait. Before you say, “no don’t give up!” Stay with me while I elaborate. I am not quitting my journey to better health and fitness, I am giving up the headache and stress that comes from information overload. I get so insecure about my choices that it becomes easier to make no choice at all.

I have learned a few ” truths” about myself over the years when it comes to diet and fitness. (when I say diet, I mean as a lifestyle, not a temporary solution) Here is my list of “truths”
1: I am not a runner, in fact I truly hate it!
2: Grains don’t (typically) agree with me. (Small amounts of rice are the exception)
3: Dairy and I get along fine.
4: Cookies are my nemesis.
5: I do well with higher fat ratios, moderate protein and lower carbs.
6: I am good at lifting weights, and I enjoy it.
7: I like my coffee black.
8: Yoga and kettle bells are my favorite exercise.

With these truths in mind, I am going to simply live. Enjoy the thing I like, ignore the things I don’t. Eat simply, mindfully, and with an emphasis on real tasty food. Oh, and have a hobby that is not related to fitness, hmmmm, knitting anyone?


Crunchymom out!


My Favorite Things

I seriously hope that you are channeling Julie Andrews right now.  If not, you need to watch The Sound of Music, for that is the inspiration for this series of posts. 

While I may be an aspiring minimalist, I am certainly not an extreme one.  I am usually against kitchen gadgets and appliances that serve only one purpose, (coffee maker notwithstanding).  However, a few have certainly found their way into my kitchen.  Enter the Zoku Slow Pops:Mini Pop Mold.  Gets yours here.

Now, first and foremost I am not being paid to review this product, I just really like it.  This really cool little popsicle mold makes popsicles about the size of a cakepop or tootsie pop sucker.  With only about a 1/2 cup of liquid, you get 9 seriously cute popsicles in about 4 hours.  My favorite, my kids favorite seems to be straight up vanilla yogurt pops.  I have also used pumpkin and vanilla yogurt and leftover smoothie mix.  How cool would these be for adult only popsicles! I am thinking margarita-sicles!!! So for $18 and a little imagination (who am I kidding, I totally went to Pinterest for inspiration) you can have some seriously cool little popsicles that the kids (and adults) will love.  Tip: Don’t mix up the children and adult popsicles 🙂



Little M and T certainly love them!

Crunchy mom out!