My simple life in progress

Do you ever feel like a snowball? Seemingly innocent, rolling along, minding your own, and then you suddenly realize you are out of control and you can’t seem to stop. That’s what I feel like some days.

I tend to be obsessive with diet and exercise, even though you wouldn’t know it by looking at me. I am what you call fat fit! I am ever thinking about food, is this diet right? Maybe it’s that one? Intermittent fasting? No grains? Yes grains? Should I do more cardio? Less? Intervals? Classes? Weight training? Boot camp? The information is endless, contradictory, and very confusing. So what’s a girl to do? My solution? Give up! Now wait. Before you say, “no don’t give up!” Stay with me while I elaborate. I am not quitting my journey to better health and fitness, I am giving up the headache and stress that comes from information overload. I get so insecure about my choices that it becomes easier to make no choice at all.

I have learned a few ” truths” about myself over the years when it comes to diet and fitness. (when I say diet, I mean as a lifestyle, not a temporary solution) Here is my list of “truths”
1: I am not a runner, in fact I truly hate it!
2: Grains don’t (typically) agree with me. (Small amounts of rice are the exception)
3: Dairy and I get along fine.
4: Cookies are my nemesis.
5: I do well with higher fat ratios, moderate protein and lower carbs.
6: I am good at lifting weights, and I enjoy it.
7: I like my coffee black.
8: Yoga and kettle bells are my favorite exercise.

With these truths in mind, I am going to simply live. Enjoy the thing I like, ignore the things I don’t. Eat simply, mindfully, and with an emphasis on real tasty food. Oh, and have a hobby that is not related to fitness, hmmmm, knitting anyone?


Crunchymom out!


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