Pinterest Fail or Pinterest Fails

Let me say first of all, I really like Pinterest. In fact, a vast majority of my conversations start like this: “so I saw this (recipe, workout, craft, really cool thing) on Pinterest. But today I was taken aback by my search results. You see, I am always looking for new inspiring recipes that are simple and made with whole foods. Today I searched for simple meal ideas and I was shocked by the first set of results to pop up. One recipe called for Doritos! Doritos, I mean really! Others similarly called for processed convenience foods. When did these things become “simple”. Looking back I realize my mistake was in my search wording. But it’s sad to see that this is what has become acceptable for simple foods. I guess this will be an opportunity to post some truly simple, healthy, and delicious recipes here. I didn’t really intend for this to be a food blog, but that could be the direction I take. Ok. Rant over. Thanks for reading!

Crunchy mom out!


My Favorite Things: Coffee

If you know me personally, you know that I love coffee. I. Mean. Love. IT! I can’t won’t begin my day without a few cups. Everything about it just calls to me.  I wake up and immediately gravitate towards the kitchen. The smell of freshly ground and brewed coffee starts to lift my fog, I anxiously await with my favorite mug in hand, because coffee just tastes better out of your favorite mug, right? Depending on my mood, I may or may not add a splash of real half and half.  Then comes the best part, I cup my hands around the hot mug and savor these first moments of wakefulness; the warmth, aroma and flavor a balm for the soul.  Ok, that was deep.  My coffee journey began a little over a decade ago when I started my fist real job in Respiratory.  I remember my roommate and I sitting in orientation sipping coffee liberally laced with French vanilla powdered creamer.  See, I didn’t really like coffee in the beginning, I liked coffee drinks.  My typical cup started nearly half full with imitation French vanilla creamer and then topped off with coffee.  It was seriously enough to make my pancreas quiver.  My coffee drinking habits slowly evolved to different flavors of non-dairy creamers.  Have you perused the dairy isle lately, there are so many different flavors of creamer it will make your head spin.  While some of them are pretty tasty, they are not exactly healthy.  In my ever evolving quest for health, I have tried nearly every variety of creamer available.  I have tried the soy creamers (which I don’t do soy anymore so that one is out), organic flavored half and half, almond milk, coconut cream, coconut creamers, milk, heavy cream, bulletproof coffee, and plain ole half and half.  Then I discovered something: I like coffee black! Cue the gasps!! Who knew coffee tasted good black.  I still occasionally drink it with a splash of half and half, but mostly I just drink it black.  It usually comes down to the simple things, doesn’t it? 

At the same time I have changed how I take my coffee, I have also went through various methods of brewing my coffee.  I have went from a drip coffee maker, to a French press, to a keurig, back to a French press, and finally to a drip pot/single cup combo machine.  While the French press will always be my preferred method, we have recently purchased a Hamilton Beach machine.  It is quiet convenient, as you can brew a full or half pot, use k cups, or the included reusable filter for a single cup.  Perfect? No.  But it works for us.  Although, when it dies, I will probably be purchasing another French press.   

Crunchymom out!

How do you take your coffee? What is your favorite method of brewing?

Resolutions: Part 2

Hello friends. I didn’t do a resolutions post for February because, honestly, I couldn’t find enough motivation to commit to anything. With all of the snow and sickness at my house this past month, I have been a hot mess. What doesn’t kill you and so on, blah blah …

On to the next. My motivation seems to be gaining momentum of late, so I am gonna grab it and run. (Except not really RUN, if you will remember my last post.) My March resolution? Kettlebells! I recently read the book The Swing by Tracy Reifkind. I have always enjoyed working out with kettlebells, so this seems to be the perfect opportunity to push myself with them a bit. In her book, Reifkind recommends 2-3 sessions a week, performing only the kettlebell swing. That’s right, only the swing. No modified exercises using the KB instead of a dumbbell, no snatches, no get-ups, just swings. Doable? Yes! Easy? Not so much. Kettlebells may look sweet and innocent, but they have the ability to give you a full body, strength and cardio workout. I won’t go into the mechanics or physiology of kb’s, because there are far greater resources out there that are just a google away.

Kettlebells for the month of March, along with a continuation (and stepping up) of my salad eating ways, are what’s currently happening in my healthy journey!

Want to join me in my kettlebell swing workouts? Pick up a KB, learn the correct technique, and let’s swing our way to a better physique!

Crunchymom out!