Resolutions: Part 2

Hello friends. I didn’t do a resolutions post for February because, honestly, I couldn’t find enough motivation to commit to anything. With all of the snow and sickness at my house this past month, I have been a hot mess. What doesn’t kill you and so on, blah blah …

On to the next. My motivation seems to be gaining momentum of late, so I am gonna grab it and run. (Except not really RUN, if you will remember my last post.) My March resolution? Kettlebells! I recently read the book The Swing by Tracy Reifkind. I have always enjoyed working out with kettlebells, so this seems to be the perfect opportunity to push myself with them a bit. In her book, Reifkind recommends 2-3 sessions a week, performing only the kettlebell swing. That’s right, only the swing. No modified exercises using the KB instead of a dumbbell, no snatches, no get-ups, just swings. Doable? Yes! Easy? Not so much. Kettlebells may look sweet and innocent, but they have the ability to give you a full body, strength and cardio workout. I won’t go into the mechanics or physiology of kb’s, because there are far greater resources out there that are just a google away.

Kettlebells for the month of March, along with a continuation (and stepping up) of my salad eating ways, are what’s currently happening in my healthy journey!

Want to join me in my kettlebell swing workouts? Pick up a KB, learn the correct technique, and let’s swing our way to a better physique!

Crunchymom out!


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