Pinterest Fail or Pinterest Fails

Let me say first of all, I really like Pinterest. In fact, a vast majority of my conversations start like this: “so I saw this (recipe, workout, craft, really cool thing) on Pinterest. But today I was taken aback by my search results. You see, I am always looking for new inspiring recipes that are simple and made with whole foods. Today I searched for simple meal ideas and I was shocked by the first set of results to pop up. One recipe called for Doritos! Doritos, I mean really! Others similarly called for processed convenience foods. When did these things become “simple”. Looking back I realize my mistake was in my search wording. But it’s sad to see that this is what has become acceptable for simple foods. I guess this will be an opportunity to post some truly simple, healthy, and delicious recipes here. I didn’t really intend for this to be a food blog, but that could be the direction I take. Ok. Rant over. Thanks for reading!

Crunchy mom out!


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