Paleo Food Journal- Day 8

Today marks the beginning of week 2 of my paleo journal, and also the ever important (not really) weigh-in.  So here it is, drum roll please…..I lost 5lbs.  Woo-hoo! Ok now to my food log.

Breakfast 730am
2 eggs fried in ghee
Black coffee

45 minutes slow cardio
20 minutes in the sauna

Lunch 1230 pm
Kale salad, with gf poppyseed dressing, and leftover meat from the kabobs we had this weekend, crasins, and pumpkin seeds.

3pm-WOD with the hubby


Supper 430pm
Roasted chicken breast and broccoli


After soccer practice, we came home and I was so freakin hungry.  I took out the leftover chicken, squirted it with a miserly amount of BBQ sauce and inhaled it.  It was really good and did the trick!  I had intentions of tackling a Jillian Michaels yoga workout, but sleep won out.  Maybe next time.  
Crunchymom out!


Paleo Food Journal-Day 6& 7

I am going to combined days 6 and 7 in one post.  Saturday is my flip back to a normal person day.  So it looks a little funky. I will just post times instead of labeling meals, or this might get a little confusing. I also decided not to post macros for these two days, just trying to keep the weekends simple until I get my habits fine tuned some more.

Saturday: up at 1pm
115 pm
Grilled hamburger patty, scarfed down in the car on the way to a birthday party.
230 pm
Two hotdogs, sans bun, with coleslaw and yellow mustard.
630 pm
Shaved almost a full minute and a half off of my previous time for this particular WOD!!!


Today’s time was 12:32 big improvement!

8 pm
Chicken, steak, pineapple, and red onion kabobs with BBQ sauce, wrapped in bacon.


9 pm
Red wine

Saturday’s are usually my cheat days, and I usually take great advantage of them. Most of the time to the point of making myself sick. So, you see, today looks less than perfect paleo, but for me it was a triumph.


Bacon and coffee

Slim Jim in the car

Cookout burger with bacon, onion and cheese, fries and blueberry cheesecake milkshake.

So I guess today will be considered rolling with it.  I could have done better, and I could give you excuses for today, but I am just gonna own it, say my burger was so good, and get back on track tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, stay tuned for my first weigh in. Can’t wait. Til tomorrow. Crunchymom out!

Paleo Food Journal-Day 5

This was my last night shift this week, time to flip after this.

Workout with the hubs!


Breakfast (5pm)
Hamburger patty with sautéed mushrooms, onions, and mustard

Snack (830)
Paleo thin mint

Lunch (930)
Whole avocado diced with bacon crumbles (or sprinkles as I like to call them) and sea salt.


Dinner (2am)
Ribeye steak with mushrooms and onions, and asparagus

Sounds yummy right? It was so good. Here is the macro breakdown for the day


Have a lovely weekend!
Crunchymom out!

Paleo Food Journal-Day 3

Day 3 might look a little funky to the average person. Unfortunately, I work night shift from 7pm to 7am three nights a week. That alone makes it hard to stay on track. There is always an abundance of junk food lying around! Here is what day 3 looks like.

Breakfast (8am)
Ham and eggs fries in ghee

Lunch (1230pm)
Ham rolled up
Liquid amino drink

Went to bed about 1pm and slept til 430pm in preparation for my first night back at work.

1st dinner (5pm)
Roasted chicken breast with broccoli

Snack (730pm)
1/4 cup cashews
Black tea with stevia

2nd dinner (or 2nd lunch? 10pm)
Pork roast with carrots and Kale

Early morning meal (3rd dinner? 3am)
More chicken and broccoli

Snack (6am)
Cliff builder bar
(I know this wasn’t paleo, just my best option at the time, remember do your best and roll with it!)

I usually count on this long day being a higher calorie day, just because it is longer than average for me. But somehow I kept it only slightly over what my goal was. Here is my macro breakdown.


Stay tuned for day four!
Crunchymom out!

Paleo Food Journal-Day 2

Day two was an exciting day around our house, and not in a good way. Little M, my 15 month old had a pretty severe allergic reaction and we spent most of the afternoon at the pediatric office and emergency room. This morning, he is much better, thank god. I am also happy to report that I didn’t fall off the paleo wagon. Now let me branch off for a second and say that my intent is not to be unrealistic in my goals for a healthy body, sometimes you have to just roll with it and do the best you can. Ok, so now to the journal part.

2 eggs fried in ghee


4oz deli ham
Fried cabbage and onions

Cross fit style workout at home with my hot hubby! (In the rain, that counts as being extra bad a$$, right?)

Pork roast with baby carrots and kale
I had a small portion because I didn’t get to eat until after we got home, and I was exhausted.

Calories were kinda low for the day, but my focus is not calories, but instead just eating real food! Here is the macro breakdown.

That covers day 2. I am thrilled with my progress thus far, gonna push on with my motivation.

Crunchymom out!

Paleo Food Journal-Day One

Ok my friends. Day one is complete. Yay. Here is how it looked.

1 cup coffee, black
2 eggs fried in about 1 1/2 tsp ghee

3 lettuce leaves
3 boiled eggs
1tbs mayo
1tsp yellow mustard
4 oz deli ham
1/4 cucumber

1cup coffee black

Rotisserie chicken
Fried cabbage and onions in bacon grease
1cup green beans

There you have it. Pretty simple, very delicious.
Here is my macro breakdown for the day.
Exercise for the day:
50 minutes moderate cardio
20 minutes sauna time

Not bad for day one.
Crunchymom out!