Paleo food log

Happy Easter friends! The hubs and I just returned yesterday from a much needed and long overdue weekend getaway, our first one since our honeymoon over 6 years ago. We all survived. Our time together this weekend gave us lots of opportunities to talk. During one of our discussions, I mentioned the idea of using my blog as a food journal. Since the idea took hold I have discovered even more reasons that this is a good idea. So here they are, list style!
-I always have much better results when I journal.
-I can track exercise, pounds and inches lost, and symptoms that could be food related.
-identify food sensitivities, if any.
-this will give me the structure to blog daily and improve my blogging habits and skills.

You may wonder why I have chosen the Paleo diet, and just what the heck that is. This way of eating has become pretty well known in the recent months. Basically (and I mean really super-duper basic) if it doesn’t fall under the category of meat, veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds, just don’t eat it. Now, as with everything else there are certainly things that may or may not fall into Paleo. Then there is Paleo vs Primal, questions about things like coffee, alcohol, and chocolate ( all of which I think have a place as well as benefits.) So in order to keep my sanity, I am going to strive for a 90/10 Paleo compliant. I also know in reality I will probably land closer to 80/20. But you know what, that’s ok. I will do my very best and realize that I am indeed human, and a human living with modern food choices.

Now let me finish by saying that I am not getting into the beliefs behind the Paleo lifestyle. I am a Christian, end of discussion. I am just not into discussing religion, politics, or skinny jeans on men (ok seriously, that is not attractive IMO, 😉) on my blog. I hope you will follow my journal and hopefully be inspired (or be my inspiration with comments) by my choices and results.

Starting tomorrow, because it’s Easter and there are chocolate marshmallows lying around.

Crunchymom out!


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