Paleo Food Journal-Day 2

Day two was an exciting day around our house, and not in a good way. Little M, my 15 month old had a pretty severe allergic reaction and we spent most of the afternoon at the pediatric office and emergency room. This morning, he is much better, thank god. I am also happy to report that I didn’t fall off the paleo wagon. Now let me branch off for a second and say that my intent is not to be unrealistic in my goals for a healthy body, sometimes you have to just roll with it and do the best you can. Ok, so now to the journal part.

2 eggs fried in ghee


4oz deli ham
Fried cabbage and onions

Cross fit style workout at home with my hot hubby! (In the rain, that counts as being extra bad a$$, right?)

Pork roast with baby carrots and kale
I had a small portion because I didn’t get to eat until after we got home, and I was exhausted.

Calories were kinda low for the day, but my focus is not calories, but instead just eating real food! Here is the macro breakdown.

That covers day 2. I am thrilled with my progress thus far, gonna push on with my motivation.

Crunchymom out!


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