Paleo Food Journal-Day 3

Day 3 might look a little funky to the average person. Unfortunately, I work night shift from 7pm to 7am three nights a week. That alone makes it hard to stay on track. There is always an abundance of junk food lying around! Here is what day 3 looks like.

Breakfast (8am)
Ham and eggs fries in ghee

Lunch (1230pm)
Ham rolled up
Liquid amino drink

Went to bed about 1pm and slept til 430pm in preparation for my first night back at work.

1st dinner (5pm)
Roasted chicken breast with broccoli

Snack (730pm)
1/4 cup cashews
Black tea with stevia

2nd dinner (or 2nd lunch? 10pm)
Pork roast with carrots and Kale

Early morning meal (3rd dinner? 3am)
More chicken and broccoli

Snack (6am)
Cliff builder bar
(I know this wasn’t paleo, just my best option at the time, remember do your best and roll with it!)

I usually count on this long day being a higher calorie day, just because it is longer than average for me. But somehow I kept it only slightly over what my goal was. Here is my macro breakdown.


Stay tuned for day four!
Crunchymom out!


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