Paleo Food Journal- Day 8

Today marks the beginning of week 2 of my paleo journal, and also the ever important (not really) weigh-in.  So here it is, drum roll please…..I lost 5lbs.  Woo-hoo! Ok now to my food log.

Breakfast 730am
2 eggs fried in ghee
Black coffee

45 minutes slow cardio
20 minutes in the sauna

Lunch 1230 pm
Kale salad, with gf poppyseed dressing, and leftover meat from the kabobs we had this weekend, crasins, and pumpkin seeds.

3pm-WOD with the hubby


Supper 430pm
Roasted chicken breast and broccoli


After soccer practice, we came home and I was so freakin hungry.  I took out the leftover chicken, squirted it with a miserly amount of BBQ sauce and inhaled it.  It was really good and did the trick!  I had intentions of tackling a Jillian Michaels yoga workout, but sleep won out.  Maybe next time.  
Crunchymom out!


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