I got a haircut today.  This seems like arbitrary information, but it led, or rather someone, led me to this post.  See the girl who cuts my hair is a good friend.  I have actually known her since I was 5.  We went to school together from kindergarten thru High school.  I won’t say we were always the best of friends, but since graduation, I count her as one of my dearest friends.  See, she has mentioned to me a few times about wanting to eat healthier, and I am glad to give unsolicited advice.  One thing that her comments has shown me is that it seems to be a common misbelief that healthy, whole food eating has to be difficult, packed with hard to find specialty ingredients.  That maybe this lifestyle will take more money, more time in searching for ingredients, visiting specialty stores that are very far off the beaten path here in western NC,  more time cooking, just more of everything.  I disagree.  Now that said, it totally CAN be all of those things, but it doesn’t have to be.  I hope that the previous posts of my Paleo journey and the future ones will help to show this.

While I am the first to admit that I get a little giddy at the mere mention of a trip to Trader Joe’s, (which is a good 90 minute drive, with 3 kids, so you can imagine how often that happens,) I actually do most of my shopping at the local grocery store, still with the 3 kids, thank goodness for free cookies!  I do follow the sound advice of sticking to the perimeter of the store, this works well to start with.  I thought I would compile a random list (because who doesn’t love lists?) of my tips for whole food eating on a budget.  Ok, you with me, here goes!!!

-Make a plan.  Be it weekly, monthly, yearly (ok, if you do yearly I am seriously impressed! and jealous!)

-hit Pinterest for inspiration, and new recipe ideas.

-look up the dirty dozen for which fruits and veggies to buy organic, the others don’t worry about so much, just wash and enjoy.

-prep, prep, prep!!!  I can’t stress this enough, and I don’t always do this as much as I should. Wash, cut, slice, dice,  and julienne everything you bought.

-utilize your slow cooker, ours gets used 2-4 times a week.

-check out my post on Salad-in-a-jar, these are so fast and easy.

-purge your pantry, fridge, and freezer.  This helps tremendously.

-start with breakfast.  What I mean is take whatever plan you are using, and do breakfast for a week.  If your are doing Paleo, breakfast couldn’t be easier.  Fry up 3 or 4 eggs in ghee or butter, inhale and enjoy!  Chances are, you will feel better just with this change, and then in a week or two, add lunch.

-make two.  If you are making paleo meatloaf, (you really should, it is delicious) why not make two, and freeze one?

-find the recipes that work, and are easy and put them on some kind of master list.

-utilize your freezer, search for and try meals that can be prepped, thrown in a bag, and frozen.  Then just take one out the night before, thaw in your fridge overnight, and throw in the slow cooker in the a.m.


Even though this is a general list, I am the type that likes practical examples.  So here is a few of out favorite meals that are easy, quick (to prep), healthy, and delicious.

-Pork Roast and Kale, cooked in SC

-Hamburger Salad, take everything you would put on a burger and put in on a bed of greens, add bacon.

-Baked tilapia, roasted broccoli, and sweet potato.

-Steak, asparagus, and fried eggs.

-Meatballs and marinera, cooked in SC.  I usually eat mine with Julianne zucchini, steamed.

-Roasted chicken, baby carrots, green beans.

-Any kind of sandwich, deconstructed and put on a salad, or wrapped in a large lettuce leaf.

-Tacos, in a lettuce cup.

-Omelets, or crustless quiche.

-Pork chops, fried cabbage with bacon and onions.

-BBQ chicken thighs, with roasted brussel sprouts, and bacon.

-Ham, asparagus, and fried eggs.

-Avocado and bacon.


-More Bacon!


I think you pretty much get the idea.  Just eat bacon 😉  Search the internet, and PLAN, I know this saying is a bit cliche’, but it is so true: “fail to plan, and you plan to fail!”  We all deserve to feed our bodies nutritious foods, WE DESERVE IT!! Our spouses deserve it, our kids deserve it! Make time, not excuses, and enjoy how your body feels when we treat it with respect and love!!


Crunchymom out!




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