Paleo Journey

Happy Mothers Day beautiful people! You may have noticed a small gap in my journal this past week.  Sorry for that, but my dear grandfather passed away.  So you might guess that my blog has not been my top priority. This is another very real, but sad part of rolling with my diet.  I did however lose 6 more pounds this week, so I didn’t fall completely off the wagon.  I have has some great meals, some ok meals and some oh-not-so-paleo-meals!  That being said, I learned a few things. 

I am liking our cross fit workouts.
Low carb pasta makes my tummy hurt!!!
Red velvet waffles are super delicious, and they also hurt my tummy 😦
I am sick of asparagus!

Hope these things are helpful, amusing!

Back with the paleo journal tomorrow.

Crunchymom out!